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Re/Sisters: Façade for the Twenty-First Century


In November 2021 Out Of the Archive staged Re/Sisters, a play about the lives of Claude Cahun / Lucy Schwob and Marcel Moore / Suzanne Malherbe. The show featured a live band with original music and songs.


Avante-Garde artists of the Paris surrealist scene, Cahun and Moore were lovers who made extraordinary art. During the Nazi occupation of Jersey they hid in plain sight and embarked on a daring campaign to undermine the occupiers: art as resistance.


Re/Sisters was written by Nicky Hallett (script) and Val Regan (music). It was directed by Jelena Budimir. The show was developed using material from the Jersey Heritage Archive and was funded by Arts Council England.


Production Team

Writer - Nicky Hallett

Composer - Val Regan

Director - Jelena Budimir

Dramaturg - Jelena Budimir

Set Designer and Projection - Daisy Frossard

Costume Designer - Becky Graham

Stage Manager  -  Margaret Crosby

Lighting - Richard Gillet

Filming - Peter Cuffe

Marketing - Liz Varley-Bassett

Cast and Musicians

Young Cahun - Emma Prendergast

Young Moore - Poppy Allen-Quarmby

Older Cahun - Liz Kitchen

MD, Violin, Guitar - Val Regan

Keyboard - Richard Body

Ukulele, Guitar - Matt Laurie

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